Hi, I'm looking for a good 112 extension cabinet for my classic 30. I want to get more bass, more bottom wich is lacking in the my amp. I'm going for a closed back, any suggestions??? thanks
Meh, I recommend the JCA as always. It's got a decent 112 cab and it's only 200 bucks, not the best, but definitely all right for the price.
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An avatar 1x12 for $250 is pretty good.
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An EQ might help. Are you using humbuckers or singlecolis? The peavey classic 30's and 50's are pretty bright sounding amps in eneral though and you'll do well to get a "darker" sound out of one at all without it sounding like sh1t.

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A closed-back Avatar 1x12 with a G12H30 in it might give your bass a bit of a boost.
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