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To clear up any legal concerns the staff might have, I've decided to make this clear from the get-go. This is a forum project, not an endeavor by the Company itself.

Yes! This is the real thing, no more waiting!

From the UG forums community to you, Disc Two.

Big thanks to the review panel, who received both songs and consistent nagging and put out some good work.

Big thanks to ep1kz for mastering both Discs, and xaviergray for leading the first!

Big thanks to entity0009 for shooping up a new cover for Disc Two!

Big thanks to SteveHouse as DJ, as well as being my go to guy for discussing the inner workings of the album and the music.

Ultimately, the biggest thanks goes to the artists!


1). Change - Harpsichoid (rabidguitarist)
2). Water Crystals - Xeus
3). Absinthe Party - chrischarboner
4). Delayed Abuse - uk.mace
5). Echoes - b4ssfr34k
6). Cascades -
7). Jackie (I Effing Love Jackie) - Stuart Symes (johnny butt)
8). Something Completely Different - SteveHouse
9). Netherworld - AnEvilWalrus
10). Camel Dub - Acta Santorum (TeamRustyPirate)
11). Mathematics - FLUX_
12). Night Runner - Paradox666
13). The Higher and the Holy - X-13 (Ankou)
14). Secrets - Sam Ray (pookoo)
15). Abstraction - Hazzmatazz
16). Can't Get You Out of My Head (Dubstep Remix) - Blues_to_thrash
17). Constellation - Xoriss
18). WTFSean! - Sean Barney (seanington)
19). Angel - TheReverend724
20). Rocky - Flashlights (sam i am)
21). Hyperchondriac - KTFM

This is the link for Disc Two, the new one

This is the link for Disc One, the older one

Here is a .torrent link to both files. Both links are to the full album. It's legal because it's free right?


This is a reposting of the track that was corrupt for some people, thanks for reporting to us about it!

There will be more projects soon, including UGEA 3, which like this will include several genres, and we'll also be working on genre specific albums, including Dubstep, Trance, Ambient, and DnB!
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Well that's good, then

I saw Absinthe Party and thought, "Minus the Bear cover? Nah, probably not"

Then I downloaded and unzipped and saw "Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse - Minus the Bear Cover"

chrischarboner we should get married, I love you!

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Hell yeah! Downloading. I haven't heard some of these, I expect to be pleasantly surprised.
🙈 🙉 🙊
Downloading right now!
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I'll just download it now.
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blues_to_thrash, you are the master of epic lulz

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awesome! can't wait to hear it!
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I'm gonna start working on stuff for the next album(s).
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Yeah Cascade was corrupt for me too, still plays fine so I'm not worrying.

genghis, I am sorry I will make some more, do not fear! I actually have a whole handful of tracks I haven't finished yet, and I just got my new (old) keytar which can be used as a midi controller

Album is so good, guys!
just got both albums and am loving them. Especiallt, even though this is a little belated, the intro from the first edition. Just gonna give em a listen through now.

Good work guys.

Edit; weird, it says there was a corruption in Cascades and when i go to play it, it plays changes instead.
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Erm, great sticky justice? Plz?


Also, cascades wasn't corrupted before the .zipping process, so I'll host it as it's own file when I get home tomorrow. This is the first time that's happened!
It is indeed. I'm really confused by it

Now that we're released, I'll go ahead and play favorites. These tracks kicked my ass up and down:

I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Head
The Higher and the Holy

These are by no means the only ones I likes, or the only good ones or anything. (I feel like I have to make that disclaimer because of Absinthe Party. It's great, but it's not my style.) But those are my faves.


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I don't understand why this is both dead and not stickied...


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You could fix the corrupted track and upload it again, you know.

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You could fix the corrupted track and upload it again, you know.

You could read the post right above you, yo--ah, screw it.


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I only play bots. Bots never abandon me. (´・ω・`)

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