Okay, I moved my amp and cab around to a different room and all of a sudden it isn't working!

I checked out the amp head and it seemed fine and whenever I played I could hear some buzzing coming from the amp, I checked it out and I found I could faintly hear the sound of my guitar coming out of the tubes in the AMP!

Anyway, I did some checking it out and I decided that my speaker had blown out somehow (who knows why this stuff happens when it does right?).

And I kind of jimmy-rigged the thing to play through my little spider III so I know the amp itself is okay. So now I`m looking for a 50 watt, 12", 8 Ohm speaker to replace the one I lost.

I guess the question I have for you guys is what cheap speaker is the best in your opinion - I play rock and some blues.

Thanks guys.
first step is, did you check the speaker CONNECTION? sometimes it can work itself loose. you may not even need a new speaker, just a quick reconnection.