Before I begin, I did indeed use the search bar. Now onto my question.

I'm looking into getting a new guitar, Ibanez RG7321 to be exact, but I know I'll need a pup switch eventually and I'd rather get it done sooner than later. Yes, I know it won't make much of a difference with my Line 6 (digress: I am perfectly happy with Spider III. I need a new guitar because I am not playing as efficiently or happily with my SG), but I will be getting a new tube amp eventually and I would rather start off with the new amp very happy rather than kind of happy rather then later on be a little more happy.

So I was wondering, how much do pick up swaps generally cost to get professionally done?

Cost of Pick ups: ~$200 (both neck and bridge, both passive)

EDIT: Quick side question for anyone who knows: What pick-ups did A.J. Minette (The Human Abstract) use in the recording of Nocturne?
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It varies from place to place...at my local shop, it costs around 50 bucks for a 2 pickup replacement without any routing.
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