awhile back i picked up a used squier thinline tele for 180 bucks on sale at GC as back up for my fender, and one day i had it out in the other room while it wasn't in use. I go back to use it the next day, and all the strings are totally unresponsive before the 12rh fret jangly and buzzy and awful. I had ernie ball hyrbid slinkys on it. My first thought was the bridge but it was fine. I decided to slap new strings on it to see what would happen, same thing unresponsive untill the 12th fret. now i'm thinking broken truss rod. it should also be noted that the day I didnt touch it my heat went on after 2 weeks of being missing, but all my other guitars are fine. any ideas?
Well thats the problem. Search around here or the net to learn how to adjust truss rods, or check youtube, or have a pro set it up for you.

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If you look down the neck holding it sideways and can tell it's bowed, then it is bowed fairly badly. Have a professional adjust the truss rod, but it could cost you a few bucks. Try to avoid GC.
why would you have a pro adjust the truss rod? its simple and as long you dont give it 3 or 4 turns at a time its nearly impossible to fudge up.all you do is stick the allen wrench down into the nut and in your case, loosen the truss rod so the neck has some relief. i always do 1/4 turns at time, then check the bow by pressing down on the last fret and the 1st fret and seeing how much space is between the 7th fret and the string. if theres no space, continue loosening, if theres a tiny bit, youre good. if theres alot, tighten it.
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