Hey guys!

I'm thinking about getting a laptop so that I can move around the house and record in the music room etc... But I want to know what type of accessories to get to record guitar/bass/vocals/drums clearly, as I don't think the built-in stuff will cut it and I obviously can't install a sound card into a laptop. So I was wondering if you could point some out to me. I'm thinking more along the lines of cheap mixers.


I just got the UX2. Its perfect it comes with everything you need to do simple recordings. I really like it, and it has all the In's and Out's you would need! This would work really nice for you guitar bass and vocals! Getting stuff to record drums can get expensive.
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You can get a cheap behringer usb interface off ebay for like forty bucks, then you can plug a mixer into the interface. I also have a lap top and my sound card didnt work for sonar. Thats what I did. Works great!
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An USB interface is like a soundcard meant for recording. A behringer thing is cheap, but will sound bad. If you want to do more serious recording, i will recommend the Presonus Audiobox, because it has 2 inputs that can handle everything from 6,3mm (guitar) jacks to microphones (even condensers when phantom power is on).
Buy an interface (The Line 6 UX2 which as been suggested several times is solid for everything you want to record, avoid the behringer crap).

Then you'll need a mic or 2. Do you plan on recording a guitar cab? Get a dynamic mic like a Sennheiser e609 or a Shure SM57. If you don't plan on recording a guitar cab or just don't want to spend the money on a dynamic mic, the Line 6 UX2 comes with Pod Farm which is some great modeling software for Guitar and Bass amps. For vocals, I suggest a condenser mic. Avoid the MXL 990s since they are hit and miss on the quality. Ones people around here use are the Audio Technicia AT2020 or, the slowly rising star, the Golden Age FC1.

For drums, you're gonna need a better interface. The UX2 only has 2 mic ins and I suggest at least 4 mics for drums. We can talk about that later though :p
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When I said I'm broke, I meant it, so I don't have a cab, I have a decent mike though, although sounding professional would be great, I'll settle for average in recording quality. For recording guitar, I would run my guitar through a stompbox that I'm saving up for and run that into the mixer. My mike is only a $5 sony mike from the electronics store, but it is actually surprising good, if I get a new mike, it'll be around the same as I get a P.A, so in a few years. But based on what you guys have said, I might look at this UX2 thing.

EDIT: My mike has a 3.5 plug.
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