hi.im playing for about a year and for now i own a laney lx 12 10 w.
i was wondering is 50 w too much for a bedroom.
how big amp should i get?
and what brand.
im think i would go for vox or marshall
and usualy i play classic , alternative and hard rock .
i would stay away from marshalls unless you get a tube amp, not the mg series though. i have a vox valvetronix 50 watt you can adjust the sound levels to youre bedroom or out jammin can get pretty much any sound you want with that.
ibanez rocks
You don't really want a 50w tube amp in your bedroom, if you have money for a good attuenator or if it's switchable to lowor wattage you should be fine.

But really, if you want us to help you, you have to give us your budget, bands you listen to, if you want to gig to and where you live.
^ This. Need more info. Also, asking if something's too loud depends on the amp, player, the tone they want, etc etc. You can always turn an amp down, and If you need to gig you need the volume. Without knowing your budget I can't suggest anything, but if your looking at vox and marshall, I hope that's not the MG. Also, You'll probably be fine with 30 watts valve for what you play