Check out my latest song. Its very experimental and lm lookin for some feedback. not a whole lot of guitar but every thing is audio no midi, loops , or samples. Feel free to comment. Just go to my profile. its called solstice of justice. Feel free to check out my other mp3s to. needing feedback badly
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This is a nice song. It's good that you can alternate between more metal-ish things and this kind of stuff. The drum break at 0:40 feels a little drawn out though to me, maybe add some synths in there? I like the part that follows up from that. The distorted part that comes in at 1:30 caught me a bit off guard, it seemed to come in too suddenly. Maybe leave a slight pause, maybe 2 beats of silence before it comes in? It would build up the tension much better and improve the flow.

I liked the guitar tone for the distortion part, but there were a few sour notes I think. (Around 1:40 and then again at 1:47 ish). I like the stlye of this part though, very melodic.
Again, the switch to the clean part was a bit abrupt. Not as much as the other one but it could be slightly improved.

Overall it's a nice song though, I enjoyed listening to it. It's a nice change from what I normally listen to. Just smoothen out those transitions, maybe add some very subtle synths if you want to, and this will be great.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1254524

Oh, and just out of interest, what's that spoken thing at the beginning saying?
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