Well I've got a HSS guitar here made with Agathis wood. I play metal mostly thrash and I need to know what pickups should I replace these crappy ones with.
Take a look at RockMonkey Pickups, they are really great pickups.
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What's your budget?

If it's low, go with something like GuitarFetish (there are several more floating around, but I can't remember them)
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Hot Slags from Irongear. They are a rich creamy sound that will compensate for the Agathis.
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i have found this website www.musiciansgear.fr where u can see gears from famous guitarists it helped me to choose my gear. U can see guitargeek.com too i hope it will help you....see u
Practice amp. I was looking at a Seymour Duncan Invader in the bridge, Hot rails in the neck, and This in the middle.
No point wasting your money, spend it on an amp first.
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