I got it for christas but I needed some time to play with it lol.


I'm gonna do a little review here when its stock, then later when I swap out the pickups.

Cosmetically this thing looks great. No dents or flaws. The grain of the wood on the fretboard I love so much and the headstock as well. The finish is great, hard no cracks or anything. The frets even not one high fret. It does need a fret polish though. No sharp frets either. It has rather small frets as well which some folks may not like because you have to press a little harder. Neck is pretty flat I think 13" radius. Its not 5kg as advertised on the webiste more like 3.5kg. It has 22 frets and part of the pickguard goes under the neck where the 22nd fret comes out, this makes things easier as I can just buy a regular pickguard to fit it.

Out of the box, the intonation was off on 2 or 3 strings and the action was rather high. Had a little bit of a neck bow but the good kind so its just enough to get rid of the buzz in the 2-7 frets and have low action in the upper frets. The stock strings weren't bad either, although they look bad in the pics lol. Every guitar needs a setup anyways.

One thing I like is the quality of the hardware. The nut is well cut, the tuners are excellent, the trem works great and stays in tune when I abuse it. The strap buttons are the best I've ever seen, they aren't the same ones I see on every other guitar. Instead they are thicker, wider and hold the strap much better. I couldn't fit the dunlop black strap locks over it, its like a strap lock of its own lol. The neck plate looks nice too. The pickguard is a single ply it looks fine but a 3ply would look better.
Acoustically unplug it has the nicest sound I've ever heard unplugged. Its like it has built in reverb unplugged lol. I've been reading that small frets make it sound better acoustically.

Well, let's plug it in.

The pickups give a real nice clean sound. Smooth tapered pots. No scratchy switches or jacks. The neck and middle pickups are my favorite for clean gives a really nice warm tone. I may replace the tone caps though because they don't roll off enough treble imo. Switch over to overdrive, great blues sound here. Not so much the bridge pickup though, its a little weak sounding. But the other two are great. I'm gonna put in a lil killer in the bridge anyways for playing heavier stuff.

Bad things? Well, it needed a setup which if you can't do, its nice to learn. I find strats easy to adjust anyways. The scratchy frets worried me first but then some nice guys on here told me how to fix it . The pickups are very nice actually. Except the bridge pup is probably the weakest link.

I played them through my XXX's clean channel and it sounded the best it ever has. Ran it through some overdrives and it was nice. Compared to the fender MIM strat of the same color I used the own. This has nicer grain, stays in tune better and sounds better acoustically and slightly better plugged in as well, but for 176 after taxes and shipping? I'd take this any day.

Wow a swimming pool route.

I gutted it, swapped out the pickups for a lil killer in the bridge ands gfs alnico in the neck and middle, the sound is very nice.

Changed the strings to 10's, still stays int une perfect, the tuners are fine for stability but they aren't very smooth turning. I love the strap buttons lol.

Here's a clip of clean sounds on the neck pickup through my XXX. I wasn't planning on using this video as a clip as I was testing the quality but it sounded nice so I uploaded it. I'll upload more later to show the lil killer and such.

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