hi, i was thinking about buying a jackson warrior (not sure of the exact model, but it sells for around $400) it's got 24 frets, double-locking tremelo, dual humbuckers, ect. i just have a few questions, so here goes...

first off i was wondering if it would be a good guitar upgrade from my ibanez GRG l&m (got 4 about $250, 24 fret, with a floating tremelo, dual humbuckers and a single coil.)

second i was wondering if it would be a good fit for what i play (necrophagist/obscura type death metal)

and third, if i should just forget about this, wait longer, and buy that xtp 707 xiphos i always wanted

*i'll post pics of both guitars later*

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Jacksons are metal... so go for it...

edit: you've got a long way to save if you want the wtp707 xiphos...
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