Hi, I'm going to buy a new guitar soon and i need some help to choose!

My budget is at 600-1100 dollar.

I live in Norway, so i have to pay for Shipping and taxes (25% of the price)
I am maybe going to go to USA next month, so if i buy it there, i don't have to pay tax and shipping and can afford something more expensive. You can post guitars that cost like 1300 dollar, but pleas post the ones that are in my price range first!

I play everything between country and heavy-metal, mostly hard-rock. So it have to be
I don't want a Ibanez, i don't think they have any style, so the guitar must have style!(No offence to Ibanez players, the guitars are great, but i don't think they look so good!)
Tremolo? Nah, i would prefer without, but i doesn't hurt to have one!
There is no problem for me to buy used.
It must be easily played and have low action.

Thanks for all help!
Yeah, i have seen them, but i don't think that it will be a improvment, to what i have now.

Thanks anyways!
Quote by carlmagnus9
Yeah, i have seen them, but i don't think that it will be a improvment, to what i have now.

Thanks anyways!

What do you have now?
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How many frets?
What type of neck joint?
What pickup layout?
What woods?
Anything else for the guitar?
Try a nice Schecter. A C-1, Hellraiser, Blackjack or artist series. Also, you can never go wrong with ESP standard series and ESP LTD custom series. Gibsons are obviously also never a bad choice.
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i mean it depends. scale length? bolt on or set neck? single coil or humbuckers? control options?

the only thing you have specified is it doesnt need to have a tremolo. and unless you want a gibson les paul or something then you dont want something like that.

well i would recommend looking into Carvin or G&L guitars. good stuff. (G&L was owned by Leo Fender, i think thier lines are way better than regular fenders).

there are some sick Godins. SG Raw Power. or some les paul you like.




and for some reason the satin blue and platinum fade raw power just calls to me. must own it some day

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Schecter C6 blackjack. Pickups are really versitile from what i've heard
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Quote by azn_guitarist25
How many frets?
What type of neck joint?
What pickup layout?
What woods?
Anything else for the guitar?

Those are not so important.

It would be okay with 24 frets, but that is not so important.
I prefer humbuckers.

I have now desided that i must be a Les Paul!

Thanks for all answers
24 frets and a LP? Well not too sure how many proper Les Paul's have 24 frets but a Les Paul styled guitar that has 24 frets would be the LTD Deluxe EC-1000. They go for around $900-1100 and come with different paint jobs and pickups. For your stuff I'd recommend you look at models with the passive Seymour Duncan pickups.
Yeah, that may not sound so bad!

Remember, it doesen't need to have 24 frets, it would just be good!

I have looked alot at the Gibson Les Paul Studio, what can you guys say about those guitars?
I have heard they are so expensive because they hva Gibson on the headstock, any opinions?

I appologise for my bad English!
you might wanna check out LTD/ESP before gettin the gibber
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Talk to Tim Ellis in Wales. He makes amazing Les Pauls (currently some with Maple necks and 1inch Maple caps) and Bareknuckle pickups at well within your price.
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If you could find a used ESP Eclipse in the USA for around your price range that would be amazing. Yet very unlikely...maybe take a look at the LTD EC-1000 instead, still a very nice guitar.


The Amber model comes with Seymour Duncan JB/'59 pickups, which you would find much more suited to your musical taste than EMGS. If not an LTD then Gibsons are a great option, but starting to hit the top of your budget.
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The LTD-1000's are a lot better than the Les Paul Studios. I love Les Pauls, but the lower priced ESPs are a lot better than the lower priced Gibsons. Go for the LTD-1000 with the Duncans.
I see you guys are mentoining the LTD Ec-1000

I once tried that guitar, but it was relly hard to play on.
The action was relly high.
I think my Epiphone is much better compared.

Everyone says that the LTD is easily played, but i don't think so after what i have experienced!
Was i just poor set up?