i bought a new guitar (washburn x50pro) and played with the stock string for about a month.i guess they were pretty light. easy to bend and nice sound snd stuff.before this guitar ive most enjoyed a dunlop zakk's electric strings so i choose to buy them.
today i put them on (10-46) and they suck big time.they are very stiff and hard to play!whats wrong?
yea after an entire month of playing wth 9's, 10-46 will be stiff

there's no reason for strings to feel stiff other than that, you can't have tuned them too high or you'd hear it, and they are as you said electric strings, maybe your guitar frets/fretboard is a little different to your old one? with a bit more friction? that's all i can think, that or you just gotta get used to it again

Edit: The stock strings, what were the heavier strings? I mean cause sometimes you get a set with a big range, going heavier, and other's the range isnt as much so the E A D strings are fairly light. Maybe the stock strings just had unusually thin E A D strings
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