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does the boulevard of broken dreams begin with Em or E?
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Some good Begginer tabs are:

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Under the Bridge
Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath: Crazy Train, Iron Man, Paranoid
Deep Purple: Smoke on the Water
AC/DC: Back in Black
Blue Oyster Cult: Don't fear the Reaper
Pink Floyd: Time

PM me if you want reccomendations for your typed of genre.
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Holiday- green day for guitar and bass trust me... dont just look at it and say awww thats to hard, try it
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also, good ridance (time of ur life) is 1 of my favorite songs and that is easy as hell 2. o and brain stew is cool and easy

Good Riddance was the first song I ever learned! That's a great song.
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depends whether u play chords or tab. audioslave songs are really easy to play. i could have lied by rhcp is easy 2. house of the rising sun is great for learning to finger-pick.
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Another good song for beginners is slide of Goo Goo Dolls, its easy and sound good,

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Originally posted by narutox
Another good song for beginners is slide of Goo Goo Dolls, its easy and sound good,


but dont you have to tune differently??? that might be hard for beginners
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Bombtrack by RATM is one of the first songs I learnt, and it's pretty easy. I think it sounds pretty impressive for how difficult it is. You can find the tab here

Another easy song would be Roulette by System of a Down. Some of the tabs are really awkward to play but I think this is a good one.
Alright i'll help out the bassists, i'm not a bass player but i can tell a easy song. Though people are sick of it and people say it is a rip-off from the pixies i would say Smells Like Teen Spirit is pretty good and also Lithium. Would?- Alice In Chains (AIC), My Generation- The Who, Break On Through (To The Other Side)- The Doors. Those are a few good ones i could think of.

For guitar almost anything from Nirvana is a good starter song:Teen Spirit, Come As You Are, Polly, In Bloom and Breed. Green Day is good with "Time Of Your Life" and "American Idiot". Jeremy- pearl Jam and also Black by PJ.

Hope i could help a bit.
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Yeah, i think your right likesilverr

maybe -Wonderwall- of Oasis would be a better choice
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What's up? Anyway, I'm only about a week into learning to play so I'm here looking for some easy songs(you can only keep going over chord changes for so long!) I heard a song the other day by The Perishers called What We Once Had. It's super slow, and sounds relatively simple. So I've been trying to track down the tab for it, but no luck. Any ideas or any help would be appreciated.

anouk - nobodys wife, great for fingerpicking
Originally posted by dying-freely
smoke on the water-jimi hendrix

Does anyone know the easiest Jovi song is to play???

i can do notes and chords but i'm just getting into the whole tab thing.....

anyone know the easiest or funnest bon jovi tab?
Originally posted by Chex

And Bon Jovi, best. band. ever....
the man who sold the world(nirvana) great song
REALLY REALLY REALLY easy, good for the first song ur gonna leanr or 7 Nation Army (whitestripes) pretty easy its good practising to learn speeds or smoke on the water (i cant remember who i think deep purple) good luck newbies keep at it
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Tool-Lateralus (Dont do solo)
Lacuna Coil- Heavens a lie, Swamped
Slipiknot- Duality
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AC/DC- pretty much anything
Ramones- anything
Kiss- Detroit Rock City
Alice Cooper- No More Mr. Nice Guy
Metallica- Enter Sandman, Unforgiven, Seek & Destroy
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I don't know if anyone posted this since theres tons o pages, but

Dashboard Confessional - Remember To Breathe
^its the easiest song ever

Green Day - Jesus of Seburbia (it sounds impressive, but consists of all the same chords!)

Kelly Clarkson - Since You've Been Gone
^theres a Ted Leo version to download out there, and a version by H's between vowel's thats pretty lounge if u hate kelly's.

if u want to spice up Since U've Been Gone, during the bridge, transition on over to Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Maps. Yep, its almost the SAME thing and it sounds impressive
most of the Coheed and Cambria song from The keeping secrets from silent earth album are fairly easy sound good and are fun to play. Especialy 2113. Also most Modest Mouse.
the first tab i ever learnt was 'man of the hour' by pearl jam it is a beautiful song and super easy
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easy ones for you:
Muse - unintended
R.E.M - everybody hurts
The verve - bittersweet symphony
hey im new ta da guitar...n ive mostly juz been teachin myself...can any1 explain a mute ta me i would play it n stuff

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Not sure if this was mentioned, but an excellent Green Day song, thats extremely easy to play is Walking Contradiction
Originally posted by rockchick4106
hey im new ta da guitar...n ive mostly juz been teachin myself...can any1 explain a mute ta me i would play it n stuff


For a palm mute, you would lay the side of your picking hand on the strings in front of the bridge. If you need to mute notes quickly, I suggest using the side of your pinky so you can alternate pick the palm muted notes, hope this helps, enjoy
alice in chains songs are hella easy
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Originally posted by likesilverr
but dont you have to tune differently??? that might be hard for beginners

slide is in standard tuning with a capo on 1st....and it'll sound just fine without the capo
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its by no means an easy beginner song, but if you have the patience to nail it the intro to aerosmith - dream on should help your left hand develop quite a bit
Green Day, when september ends
Also, love Audioslave, Cochise, it is quite fast (but I am new at this) you could probably pi$$ it if you have been playing for a while.
Eye of the tiger by survivor, its kinda gay, but fun.

highway to hell, ac dc
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hey guys, i was wondering, are there any easy to play love songs?
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has anyone said paint it black by the rolling stones yet cause thats a really easy song to play and it sounds good
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I'm new to guitar but I've found that there are a lot of easy:
3 doors down songs
staind: so far away, outside, its been awhile
some red hot chilli peppers songs
linkin park
and then some of the other songs mentioned...

I can play chords and read chords fine, but I'm having trouble with getting a grasp on tabs - reading and playing them...anyone have any suggestions or know any useful sites?
alot of John mayer **** is easy to play for begginers i would recomend learning riffs first, thats how i learned just pick up a blues basics books and learn some blues riffs there the easyist to learn at first, either some Good ol Jimi hendrix, bbking, albert king or buddy guy
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knockin on heavens door (either version especially bob dylan's), stairway to heaven, house of the rising sun, wild thing, Louie Louie, Ace of spades, any greenday song, why does it alvays rain on me?, god save the queen (not national anthem!) gotta get through this, hit me baby one more time, we will rock you, immigrant song, song number 2, the eye of the tiger, i believe in a thing called love, long way to the top, songs out of school of rock, californication, she will be loved, alrite now, smells like teen spirit, heart shaped box.

hope that helped, it took ages to type so it better!
a lot of stuff by some of the blues and roots musicians stuff isnt very difficult. here are sum tabs i know, im just a beginner but found them very easy. most of these are really good on an accoustic if you have one.
- ben harper and jack johnson have a lot of easy songs, if your into them. i like burn one down by ben personally. (i dont really like jack that much, but a lot of people i know have learned his songs easily as beginners)
- redemption song by bob marley is an extremely simple intro and only a couple chords for the rest.
- xavier rudd does a version of now woman no cry that is very easy, you can find it through 911 tabs, it mite be on this site too.
- cat stevens has a lot of easy songs, My lady darbanville is a cool song and easy.

hope you enjoy them