Im new here,
i have searched for ideas before posting but failed miserably.

im looking at getting a new speaker
ive seen the Celesteon Legend series and thoughtly highly of them,

what do you guys suggest?

all help is majorly appriciated.

EDIT - Was posted in wrong thread
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If you want a 15" Celestion speaker for bass, take a look at the BN15-300S.

THIS. I'm looking at building a portable 15" cab and this is currently my choice.
The best speaker on the market at the moment is the eminence kappalite 3015.
Why do you need to replace the speaker. If its blown replace it with an exact copy. If its not replace it with something with the same specs. Dont put any speaker in it.
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The legend is made by eminence. Listen to what fatgoogle says, you can't just put any old speaker in a cab and expect it to give its best, Speakers have to match cabs.

Give us more of an idea of what you are aiming at and you will get good advice..

tubby tone maybe?
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I put an Eminence Delta Pro 15A in an old peavey PA enclosure I got for free, I would recomend just about anything from Eminence, very nice sound.

What kind of encloure are you going to be putting this speaker in?
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i have the behringer ba115 cab

and its blown so wanted to replace the speaker
i want as much of a high end sound as i can from a low end cab,
i found a CELESTION BN15-400S
which looked promising from its spec,

didnt wanna replace it with the same bugera speaker it had, as i couldnt find them for one
and had been told to look into other speakers

so though better ask here!

thanks for help so far


and looked into eminence but need more info on that
The Celestion will be better than the original speaker but it needs to be in a 20-60litre sealed box. it cuts off quite earlyin the larger box at 89hz it will be 3dB down and 15 dB down at bottom E in the smaller boxes it will cut off more quickly. It is also excursion limited as Xmax is only 2mm this is how far the 14mm coil can move before it starts to come out of the 10mm magnet gap. In practice this means the deep bass is limited at high power as the cone can only move a limited amount of air. On the plus side the upper mid behaviour looks good and the sensitivity is decent. If you put it in a ported cab it will need to be just over 80l with a 10cm dia port of 7.6cm length.

Incidentally I looked at the Celestion BL15 400X the non Neo version of the speaker and it goes much deeper and has a better Xmax so it will maintain its deep bass output better at high volumes. It is going to sound warmer than the BN
would the BL15 400S be ok in the original Behringer cab?
as if it not id rather just get a new cab and save myself the effort haha
You need to measure the cab and calculate the internal volume and look to see if it has any ports. Then you can decide what might match