What do you guys suggest for getting a better tone like "The strokes" or Artic Monkeys?

I already have:
Jackson DXMGT with EMG-HZs (passives)
Digitech Rp50 Multieffects
Bad Monkey
Palomino V16 Class A tube amp.

I thought bout getting the jekyll & pedal since i all i hear bout it is good things, BUT i already have the bad monkey and they say the Hyde distortion side is like a Boss DS-1 and i HATE that pedal. Others say is like a RAT, and i really love that one.

Im also thinking bout getting a Fender MIM, and see what tones i can get.

What do you guys suggest in order to have a more versatile and better tone?

P.S: After buying any of these things, i will not be able to buy gear for a long time.