Hi there, I wanted to ask you folks about sweep picking. I'm a begginer i might not get the whole deal begind it.
Whats so special about it ? Ofcourse its not easy. Apart from looking cool i don't see how it can be practical, rather than rolling your fingers you could just form a chord and strum down/up ?
It's a technique which makes playing arpeggios at high speed easy once you've got the basic technique down. Looks mean little here (though it is impressive looking, that's not the point). Arpeggios add a whole new element to playing. It can be used to move fluidly from low to high strings and vice versa, fluidly play broad intervals, economize one's playing, and generally improve one's repertoire of techniques.
I learned to sweep, just basic major and minor shapes (sounds like I'm shredding on the minor one), even though I don't like any songs with tons if sweeping in them like malmsteen, it is an excellent technique for greatly advancing your hand coordination and synchronization. You will notice after a week of practicing sweeps CORRECTLY that your hands feel so much more comfy and relaxed on the guitar