So i have to do a 5 page essay on the philosophy of post modern british literature. I have no idea what to write. I need help. If anyone has written a paper similar to this, PM it to me, or something. e-cookies and a 3 million internets to whoever helps me.
Sucks for you. The Pit is not here to do your homework.
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Feel free to call me a spoilsport, old chap, but shouldn't you be doing your own homework? At the very least, it's bad form to be touting for plagiarism.
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How modern is modern Brit literature? What books have you read?

This. Are we talking 20th or 21st century literature?
George Orwell. 1984, Animal Farm, Shooting an Elephant. Good stuff. Plenty of philosophy to draw from in his literature.
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I sure hope you didn't pick post modern literature yourself. That would be like picking McDonald's over a steak.
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