So I'm going out to trade in and buy more cds today and i'm looking for a metal band with good solos. I haven't really found any bands with good sweeping/soloing/whatever. Even Necrophagist gets old(although that's more of because their riffs are so complex that the solos just get lost). Anyways my point: I need good metal bands(preferably death metal) that have good solos that stand out from the crowd
Between the Buried and me. They're amazing, check out "colors" its one of the best metal albums ever

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check out the album the stench of redemption by deicide, it has some of the best solos from death metal band that I've heard in quite a while
try arch enemy and abigail williams. arch enemy has a sweet female vocalist and abigail williams has a piano player

I just found out Arsis is from my hometown. I feel special now Their solos are kinda generic but they're still really good.
Kalmah, Children of Bodom, Wintersun, and even Dethklok has some good solos
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Children of Bodom definetley if you haven't listened to them yet.
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There vocals might be a bit different, but once you really get into them,
they're awesome!

Check out the songs Psalm of Lydia or Final Product.
This is a question best asked in the recommendation thread at the top methinks...
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