I just bought a rc-2 loop station. Works well when i plug directly my guitar into the input and then plug it into the Aux IN jack of my amp. However if i plug my guitar into my boss ME-20 (multi effects) pedal to get some effects and some distortion, link it to the rc-2 and then to the amp's aux in jack, I don't hear the guitar (can hear the rythm patterns of the rc-2 though).

I tried plugging the guitar into the rc-2 and then get the signal through the ME-20, but then , everything gets distorted, of course.

It's possible that one of my cables is a bit old, but I think that there should be another cause.

Can you help me out?
Guitar -> ME-20 -> RC-2 -> Input

(That's the regular input, by the way)
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ok , i'll try with the regular input, but i think that it will make it all sound distorted or something.