hey ! I have learned major , minor , pentatonic and blues scales .
I know where and how to use them , but i dont know how to join them .
How can i practice putting major and pentatonic ( example ) together and make
a solo or riff out of it ?
Thanks !
Check out Justinguitar.com loads of licks and linking stuff on his free blues section
also lots of other terrific stuff FREE!!!
Some scales have lots of notes in common. For example.....some people will do runs in a minor pentatonic scale then switch to a mixalodian run or dorian run. You dont neccesarily have to use notes in the scale your playing in. Mess around with different modes and scales to get a unique sound in your soloing
Start listening to what you're playing, learn what those scales sound like and study the music of others to see how they can be used.
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I'm working on this currently.

Try playing the relative minor to the major key you are using which will be the 6th note of that scale.

Example: C Major C, D, E, F, G, A, B

Making the relative minor A minor

You should also work on all the modes of the major key. Since all the modes will be in the same key you'll be able to stay in key and still cover a lot of ground on the fretboard.

Continuing with the above example, using C Major you get this:

C major (C Ionian)
D Dorian
E Phrygian
F Lydian
G Mixolydian
A Aeolian (A minor)
B Locrian

The fingering will be different for each mode so keep that in mind. Anyway once, you realize all the places you can play the notes of the scale you're working with coming up with licks should be easier.
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Start listening to what you're playing, learn what those scales sound like and study the music of others to see how they can be used.

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Seriously, listen to guys like SRV, King, Slim, Hendrix, etc. Learn the vibe of each guitarist and how they make the pentatonic their own little playground for making great music, and how everything meshes together.

Above all, practice like someone is whipping you or better yet, has a gun to your head. And practice WELL, so you don't develop bad habits. The more you practice those shapes together, the more it all becomes one fluid pattern on the fretboard, and the more you are able to emulate the sound you're after. It eventually becomes something you can actually see, you will end up knowing where to go, because you'll know what sound you're after, your ears will catch it, your hands will pursue it.
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