Hey, first of all Happy New Year everybody!
I'm having this question that, is it allowed me to upload songs that i've learned to play, maybe added some licks (basically uploading a cover). For example, i can play "Where ever you may go" by The Calling. I know how to play it, i added some notes to the chorus. My brother plays it on the bass! So, can i upload it on the internet, saying it's still "Wherever you may go" but just our version.
Thanks in advance!
Yes, and wrong Forum.

Also, you're the first 2010'er I've seen
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one, Carmel.

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Sorry for posting it to the wrong forum(didn't know where to post it)!
Can you be a little bit more precise? i mean, how far can i go. Not that i'd like to push the edge or sth, but just like to know more about that!