Hello, please bear with me, as I'm kind of nooby when it comes to amps.

I've had a Line6 Spider 3 15 (which was an AMAZING step up from a Fender SP-10) for over a year, and it's definitely time to upgrade.

I use a Digitech RP355 that I bought a month ago and a Boss DS-1 (I got from my friend for my RP50). Both pedals work well with my amp, but that's not the point.

I need something bigger for small gigs and garage practice. My amp is just way too small. I get drowned out by my friend's Raven RG60, drummer, singer and the bassist. On top of that, I'm afraid to really crank it because I don't want to blow the speaker.

However, there's a problem. My Spider 3 fits perfectly in this little compartment on my entertainment system (which is a giant piece of wood with shelves and stuff for video games, tv, music stuff, etc.). And I can't get anything much bigger.

I've been looking around, and I found the Peavy Envoy 110 Transtube. It's big, loud, kind of cheap and I think it will fit me.

My budget is about $200-$250.

And for those that don't like reading...
I need a loud, kind of small amp that I can run my RP355 effects pedal through.

They seem really solid and flexible, so I could run the pedal and also buy the footswitch for the amp effects.
So would the Envoy 110 be the best fit for me? I forgot to mention that i play post-hardcore, punk and pop.
that sounds like a resonable choice - if you can tell us the dimensions of the space you have for an amp, then you might be able to fit a 12" speaker, in which case we could find you a nice tube amp as an alternative.

also, for now, speaker blowing isn't a problem. The stock speaker will be rated well above 15w.