Hey dudes, I have been busy working on some new shit of mine, and I just can't get the right guitar sound for one of my songs. Here the latest mix of it is -


I used Lepou's Engl amp sim with Ryan's S-Preshigh impulse and a shit load of EQ's and noise removal software.

It always sounds a bit too ****ing thin to me, but I don't know if thats just my ears of it is really is thin!

Any advice would be cool dudes Though this thread isn't about rating the song, I just need some help from you dudes on getting this to sound awesome!
sounds fine to me, tho i suppose you could try layering the guitar part for a fatter sound.
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The song was quad-tracked... My amp is a tiny piece of shit practise amp, I'd like to mic amps up as you can get much better sounds, but at the moment I don't have any money for a nice amp, so mic'ing one up is impossible!

ok. I see. I'm sorry, I dont know too much about the program you are using to be much help. I hope someone who knows what they are talking about will be more useful. best of luck
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sounds fine to me, tho i suppose you could try layering the guitar part for a fatter sound.

This would be the first thing to do. It's not guaranteed that it will actually IMPROVE the sound, but it will certainly CHANGE it.

Try to play a second track with different sounds or EQs, it might help as well.
I actually like the tone.

But the cymbals during the interlude on the other hand...
Is there a bass track in there?
That usually adds a lot of fatness to a track.
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