So I've been thinking: What if you combined Noise music with metal? I'm sure there's a few bands that have already done this but I haven't found any(except Boris but they've done like every rock genre ever and combined it all).

I've been trying to get something like this going but unfortunately
1. I live near the DC area, so everyone's into Hardcore, metalcore, etc.
2. Metal contradicts noise in the sense that Metal reqires actual guitar playing, whereas noise is more of experimenting with your guitar.

I was thinking maybe having 3 guitariss: 1 rythm, 1 noise, and 1 providing noise techniques. But even then it'd just get weird for the third guitar player...hmm....

Anyways if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, or bands that have done this, please tell me Cause most noise bands/groups i've found are merely Punk, post punk, experimental, or electronic groups just with, you know, wacky guitar playing lol.
have the rythm guitar being generic chugga chugga and power chords etc, then make the lead guitar the noise nside of it. drums and vocals your away
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hmm...that's a good idea.

I was thinking: What if I got like 3 cheap distortion pedals, then played solos with all of them on, lol I do that with compression sometimes and it SOMETIMES ends up being like a mix between feedback and soloing, but as i'm sure you know it has to be one way or the other(like you can't play notes and have a bunch of feedback at the same time). I think a 3rd guitar playing lead or rythm and then during solos just hitting random effects and stuff would be cool.
You can get that 'noise' sound with production, to some extent. Some stuff is so chaotic and dissonant that, as I understand it, I'm sure it could be considered noise to some extent (again).

At some point it will become clear that I don't really know what I'm talking about. But for what I'm saying, here's a song:


And here's the live version, where you can actually sort of tell what they're doing:


WEBBDIT: Also, Sunn 0))), non?
Sun, Pg. 99, Salome, Torche, Isis, ect.

Its an awesome genre of music seeing as im not the BIGGEST metal head and I can really get into the epic build ups and huge noise swells.
Sun O)))
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Sunn O))) is not noise, it's drone!

Boris is awesome, honestly...dont pass them on so easily.

I'd say, one guitarist for the metal styled rhythm riffs.

One for noise/lead playing.
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Portal is fairly close, but the only thing "noisy" is their production. Sunn O))) has no aspects of noise; they're just doomy. Noise has to lose coherence and stray from music, and both bands have both coherence and tone.
I'd have to say i've heard a lot of people name Drone bands and even some stoner/doom metal bands. Those have elements of noise, but I mean like.... like think Sonic Youth or Neptune combined with like Death or slayer lol.

Portal was close to what I was thinking, but as someone said that's more of their production techniques. And they do noise stuff(from what i looked up) more for like endings or intros to songs. Still, close to what i was thinking of.

Anyone know how boris does their stuff? I watched one of their music videos and the guitarist did a weird like solo with a bunch of feedback behind it. Do you think he just layered the guitar, or does he have some pedal that does that?
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Music IS noise. Trust me, if you think you've just invented a new genre, you haven't.


You can say that noise is music, but you can't say that all music is noise. All music is coherent. Not all noise is coherent.