well not my first two ever... but its my first song and first instrumental!! so yeah... they should be on my profile... any advice or whatever would be good thanks!

also... if you search 'jellyfish and pedestrians' in youtube the one by saucepandy is mine... and theres a couple more songs on there!
herm... I dont know why no one commenting.. so here we go...

waiting for the koala... An Instrumental... Im a big fan of Instrumental kind of song.. but yours is a bit too repetitive and thus making it boring to listen too... No offend yeah... just an honest opinion...

JellyFish and Pedestrian... This song is very basic and sounded like a summer camp song... Its probably best if you can include some other instruments so that it wont sound too empty..

thats all...

u can check mine out if u want.. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1239070
I agree with the previous comment on "Waiting for the Koala", If you made it a bit shorter it could probably fit on an album nicely as a nice 'break' type of song.

I actually quite liked "Jellyfish and Pedestrians", you should've made the whole song a bit louder because you had a nice effect on the vocals that in my opinion would sound even better louder. You also need a few electric guitar riffs in there in my opinion, but overall it's a nice song.

Care to say stuff about my song?