I am having trouble getting the tone that I want from my Taylor 310ce. Unplugged it sounds great. When it is plugged into my PA, the lower register strings sound dead. I am playing through the Expression System, a Fishman EQ/preamp, and I have fiddled with the EQ until I am blue in the face. It's not terrible, but not what I was hoping for.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I could do to get a better tone?

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the mic inside the body might have shifted, it sounds like the sound is far from even across the strings. if you can get access to it yourself i would try to get it to a shop where they could check it out.
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depends on what you mean by them sounding dead. If your strings are new and the mic hasnt shifted then add more treble, that will crispen the bass notes out. If you mean they sound dead in terms of volume compared to the other strings then I still doubt it's because of the mic shifting because the neck sensor is still on all the time. Reach inside the sound hole and make sure the body sensor is turned on.

Also, im guessing that the Fishman EQ you're using is the Pro Platinum EQ, which is one fo the best in my opinion. anyway, make sure your battery isnt low, make sure you're running it in the Post EQ mode, make sure the Smooth knob is NOT all the way cranked, and finally make sure your gain structures are at proper levels through your whole signal chain. Leave your ES volume on at least 1/2 of the way up.

If this doesn't help then try plugging your guitar in without the Fishman and see if it helps.

If all else fails ask at the Taylor Guitars section of Acousticguitarforum.com, those guys know nearly everything about Taylor and the ES. Lastly make sure you're not using a crappy cable and make sure that both the main speaker and the tweeter on your PA are working.

EDIT: also make sure the battery(ies) in your guitar arent dead. By the way, you can only turn the body sensor on/off in the 9v versions of the ES.

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All of these were great suggestions. I checked all the sensors inside and they are working. The pickups are very responsive and seem to be working correctly. I think the problem is with my PA. The speakers are working fine as well, I just need to tinker with it some more. I'm going to take my Taylor to a shop and plug it in something else and see what I get. Thanks for the help.