Okay, so I've seen some youtube videos of people playing guitar, and it sounds so perfect as in no background noise or any of that, it sounds like studio guitar, and they have it going into the PC.

Now using a connector that has an in port where I can plug my guitar in and the other end of the connector is a stereo in jack where I can plug it in my speaker port on my computer.

The connector I'm talking about looks like this. I'm going to have you imagine it using two pictures because I can't find the connector that I'm thinking of, I forgot the name of it so, here goes.

This is the guitar port of it

The port on the left, not the right black cordish part

And this is the other end where it goes into my computer.

The gold tip on the right is what goes into computer.

So imagine those two as one connector

NOW, using that connector you're imagining or possibly know about(please let me know) can I use that to get my guitar sound into my computer BUT I also need a program to record that guitar sound. I was hoping you guys could give me recommendations or if you have a cheap better idea please let me know.

P.S. I heard Acoustica Mixcraft was good? Idk.
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dude, first, you're not using an interface so you have a very THIN and dry sound to work with, you can use any recording interface, but if you only want to record guitars, line 6 has some good equipment you can use like the guitar port, and the pod's, the thing is to preamplify yor signal, almost any digital effect processor can help you out, if not try to use other thing and then you must install a guitar processing software like guitarig or amplitube, it doesn't really matter where are u recording, of course is not the same to record in audacity than to record into a multitrack software, but that's up to you, the best thing is to try as much as you can, good luck
You can record it with anything (like Audacity, Reaper, Cubase, anything else) but you will need some sort of DAW and plug-in setups to make it sound distorted. Most of the plug-ins are free in that tutorial, all you will really need is a good DAW.

Btw the thing you're talking about is a quarter inch to eighth inch converter, I have one too.

If you record your guitar plugged straight into your computer, it will sound awful. End of story.

You need a USB/firewire interface - then you can either record your amplifier using a microphone, or record your guitar directly and apply amp simulators in a piece of software called a DAW (digital audio workstation)

Also - USE THE SEARCH BAR, we get asked the same set of questions hundreds of times every week.
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...we get asked the same set of questions hundreds of times every week.

Ain't it the truth... Hell just GOOGLE it if the Forum search is too hard

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Ain't it the truth...

It might help if we had an FAQ that was more comprehensive, but also more simple at the same time. We could do with something that covers a wide range of subjects, but in a fairly simplistic way that everyone could understand.
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become a circumsizer, you get like £60,000 a year + tips.

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Because I'm not aerodynamic. All the other airborne furniture laugh at me.

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Back on topic...

I have hacked up a connection to my computer by going from my cheepo Zoom 500II to a splitter, then running one side to headphones and the other to the line in on my PC. I get some distortion, but overalll it's not bad. The only problem is that the PC imposes a minor delay on the sound, so that's why I need to have the headphones connected too. Rather impossible to play when the noise you're making lags!
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What is a DAW?

It stands for Digital Audio Workstation. It's software that you edit your audio with, to put it quite frank. They're more advanced than most recording programs though like the microsoft sound recorder for example. They can create sounds without them being recorded (synths for example) - that's how these bands like Dethklok get their sound to be so clear. There is no room noise or microphone inconsistencies and such. The icing on the cake is that you can change the tone at any time you want, because it's created on the spot from the clean (DI) recording so you can record a piece then just tweak the sound until you get it right without the need to play the guitar every time to test until you get a good tone.
The most popular ones are Cubase, Pro Tools, Acoustica Beatcraft, Reaper, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Garage Band, Nuendo, Logic Pro, and probably a few more; there are a lot.
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lol trust me if I had the money I would.

Well, start saving. If you want to have good sounding recordings, you'll have to take it seriously. I don't know how many times I've seen people all over (not just here) complaining about "Oh, my guitar sounds like crap when I record direct with it in my mic jack". Hold off on a few video games, don't buy snack food, dump your girlfriend, find a way to save $100 so that if you want to record your guitar, you can do it well instead of spending $20 on a cheap fix that will get you by but asking way more questions in the end.
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get this: http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/Behringer-Guitar-Link-UCG102?sku=241228

and if you look hard enough, you can possibly find a "free" copy of some good DAW like guitar rig or garage band.*

1: Dont get that
2: Dont torrent, thats not ****ing cool

If you want to take recording seriously then you gotta pay up. I used to be just like you, i got up and got a job. Ive spent about 1200$ since then on recording equipment. Just having an interface isnt gonna do the job. You need monitors (or headphones, and legit ones, not 20$ sonys from wal mart), a decent DAW, plugins and most importantly of all, SKILLS! A good producer can make a better recording with 200$ of equipment then a bad one can with 10000 dollars of equipment.

One more thing
Searchbar. Google has about 6,000 results all on this site about your topic

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Basically - plug your guitar into an audio interface, plug that into your computer and use amp effects that came with your music software.

Or, plug your amp into the interface and record your amp into the computer and play about with the sound after it's recorded.
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Psst. forget about guiat rig and other 200$+ software and go to www.acmebargig.com, they have awesome stuff and even more awesome stuff is comming. It's free, but as Lockwolf said, you'll need an interface to get a good sound.