Hey guys, so i'm trying to improve my overall playing in techniques that are considered advanced. I searched to see if these questions were answered before but could not find anything, apologies if it has been covered before.

My first question is if any of you know which is a better approach to learning these techniques, doing exercises on the technique or learning a song that contains the technique?

My second question is what songs do you guys suggest to learn in order to help me learn these techniques (sweep picking, economy picking, improvising with scales etc.)?

Cheers guys
For a structured technique approach only, I havent seen a better well rounded approach than the Lick Library Series for self taught, and anything by Danny Gill and Stuart Bull is usually very well taught and broken down. After that, its time. But don't try to get there for free, you'll spin your wheels. Be ready to invest for what you are after - you'll save a lot of frustration, time and confusion, if you avoid playing musical bumper cars.