I'm currently in the process of writing an album for my band (if we ever manage to set a steadier play schedule). It's more or less a loose concept album about the apocalypse, and ranges from a bit of jazzy alt rock in the beginning to furious heavy rock at the end.

My dilemma is that I write a lot of other music that really doesn't fit the genre. A lot of my other stuff sounds like RHCP or Coldplay, and obviously has no place on the album. I know that my bandmates like both genres, so playing both would be okay, but the only conflict is albums. We're not to the point of recording yet, but my current idea is to have a double release, with the apocalyptic stuff on one disc and the rest on the other. Is this a feasible idea, and are there any problems that might stem from this?
There shouldn't be a problem releasing different genres on the same CD. If your audience doesn't like certain songs on the CD they will just skip them.

Don't let your audience restrict you from releasing the music you love.
No means maybe
Polaring fans. If this is a band that you want to take 'all the way' so to speak, then you're going to end up having to pick one. You can't release double albums forever, cause not everyone will like both styles.

That said, they don't sound that drastically different, so incorporating the two influences into the same music could work.
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