Hello, i am looking at buying a fuzz pedal for shoegaze stuff like my bloody valentine, my top budget is about £120 so less than that if preferable, i have a peavy valveking 212 and an epiphone sg-400 coustom.

(UK please)
I have looked at alot of devi ever pedals the shoegazer seems like the obvious choice, would my amp ang guitar be ok to play shoegaze ( i also have a squire strat i could borrow), also what are the other basic pedals i need to play shoegaze? many thanks guys
Fuzz and reverb seem the most used effect in shoegaze. Your amp should be fine. The strat might be better because of its whammy bar for detuned drones.
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boss hm-2

+1 ... The HM-2 will cut through reverb better than most Big Muffs and has a fuzzy enough edge to sound shoegazey (or even Gilmour-y). I also agree that the Digitech Digiverb is a great pedal for shoegaze textures on a budget. Given that My Bloody Valentine often layered octave fuzz with muffy fuzz in recordings, the Danelectro French Toast or other octave/muffy combo fuzz may be an option worth exploring.
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Which one would be best for shoegaze?

Probably either the Triangle, IC, Civil War or Violet Rams Head.
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I really like the Vintage Fuzz master by Devi Ever, you'll have to order from america though, as i did.
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Or the fixxed fuzz. Both from Blackout Effectors.
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