Hello i am looking to buy some pedals, i play indie like the kings of leon, the libertines, artic monkeys, the enemy, coldplay, the ting tings, I have a squire telecaster and a vox ac4, many thanks.
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You need a clean sound, a pissy sounding light overdrive, very tight trousers and the inability to play guitar properly before you get some pedals.

Excuse me.

Really you'll have a hard job with the ac4 at anything other than intimate/personal volumes to do what you want. Set it up quite clean and try adding something like a tube screamer or blues driver for leads/overdrive sections. Some reverb, chorus and delay pedals should follow unless you want to upgrade to a two channel amp with a bit of reverb on board. You'd probably be better off with a fender hot rod deville/deluxe. A LOT of those bands use or have used 'em and almost EVERY underground indie act in ireland that I've had the erm... pleasure of sharing a stage with has one.

Hope this helps, and good luck fitting into the trousers.

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Meric Long from The Dodos uses a Blues Junior and a couple of dirt pedals and Bradford Cox from Deerhunter uses some sort of Fender.

For any kind of Indie (although the term is VERY broad) get some kind of newer Fender amp. Then get an SD-1 and possibly a fuzz pedal depending on what your playing. Definetly reverb and delay too.

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I'd say get a Laney VC30, does that kinda stuff great. Then you got the drive channel for your overdrive needs, and you can get a fuzz pedal when you need one.

You'll also probably need a delay, the VC30's got reverb on it but the accutronics tank used in it and tons of other amps lacks depth IMO. Used Deluxe Memory Man?
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yeah what everyone else is pretty much saying; chorus, reverb, delay, some type of light od and a fuzz. but for a fuzz try finding some fuzz face or fuzz face clone, big muffs dont work as well imo.
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Many thanks guys, also i know Coldplay are not indie but i really like there tone, and also why are people recommending amps i have a good one anyway.
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Many thanks guys, also i know Coldplay are not indie but i really like there tone, and also why are people recommending amps i have a good one anyway.

For most indie you'll need some clean headroom. The AC4 is a nice little amp but it lacks that completely.

Also. In general it is better to get a great amp first and then buy pedals than it is to have a mediocre amp with pedals.
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