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8 36%
Legend 6 Classic
14 64%
Voters: 22.
You do realize you posted the same thread three times, right?
Edit: I see the other two are gone...
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I like the Ibanez my self. I think that the spector is better put together but the Ibanez i a better value and has better downtuning in my experience.

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I liked the 5 string versions about the same amount when I played them. However I didn't play any funk on them so I don't know how well they do with that. Anyway I guess if I had to pick it would be the Ibanez, just because the small Spector bodies feel weird to me.
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Definately the SR706. Much more comfortable. Just looks better too.
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Because i bought an ibanez on Friday, but have played neither of these i will go with the ibanez on build and quality in parts.
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Play both if you can, they're pretty different birds. Personall I'd say the Spector because I own one. (Different model thoughl; Euro 5) I play a SR505 as well but after the Spector it really feels like a cheap toy. What's your budget? You might be able to afford a used Euro or a different bass entirely.


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I'll go with the Ibanez cuz it has a 3 band eq

The Legend also has a 3 band EQ...
That a five string Spector...
But I dig their tone, and spectors feel nice, too. Its would be a REALLY close call for me. Id have to play them both for a good amount of time before I decided.
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My only input is that the string spacing on the Ibanez is much tighter, and the neck is smaller overall. My Spector's neck is large. I would expect for funk that the Spector would be better just because of the ease of slapping when compared to the 706. Also never been a fan of the low action on the Ibanez that I've played, but that's preference, of course. I got my Spector for way cheap, so I didn't even consider other basses, but I love mine.