i truly think/believe that hendrix, cobain, lennon, dimebag and many other artists were killed by the government. they were "wrong characters" in one or another way. their killers are free, and the killing operations are done and delusions are created. tvs show shit and smiles at our faces. and most of us believe. in what? terrorism? democracy? free speach? free economy?
there is NO such things by now. never was. maybe it will be someday, and everybody will know that its true. now its only ****in delusions that make people doubt time after time. we doubt, because we r not insane. we r just stupid and naive. if we dont do nothing, people like hitler will thank u and meet u on another year's eve with a nuclear bombing. because they cant move further on without money, domination, wars and delusions. such is THE MECHANISM of TODAY. ww1, ww2. soon ww3. get it? our own governments destroy our towers and our people in the middle of the day, right at your deluded eyes. bankers steel from people openly and make us slaves in depts.
prove that im wrong and i will be your companion forever. I WANT TO BE WRONG HERE. I WISH I WAS WRONG.
sad. sad. most of us are sheeps with "a big love from god and a clear destination". deluded tunnel vision that will lead to a big disappointment at the minute of your death. u were told by your mum and pa, your church and school, your neighbour and your friend about the same shit. and now u think how it can not be truth. ye? wrong! it is all untrue. created by pro masters of delusions during the decades.
i just wonder to which heaven u will go? allah's, jesus's, buddah's or dzeus' or other, better than these heavens? maybe u know to which hell i will go? maybe you know the worst hell for me? cooperative hell of maximum fire for me? or better to burn me on fire before i go there, like your ancestors did?
its funny, but it is sad. very sad. it is only fear and delusions.

here are some documentaries from good people:


and here:



and many others.

government shows metal heads like losers. why? because these guys are the ones who resist. they are usually bad characters in the movies, shown as junkies and dumb heads. government accentuates only the worst side of heavy music which is very small. it is useful for government. africa is not only poor countries as tv shows. there r many rich countries also. it is not only jungle. metal also is not only "jungle, drugs and satan".
pop is good. why? because they sing about what government wants to hear. they are angels of delusions. it is useful and good for sheep's control. lullabies and entertainment for sheeps.

oh yes. there are exceptions. if u make tattoos of saints like metallica or say "bless god" after each song like ozzy, u r the "right man". government will help them to be popular. and they are. will these bands take their money into their afterlives. oh ****. i think NO. real metal scene laughs at those pioneers of delusions. now go worship your mettalica. band of the sheeps. i wont.

you know, people who rule this world are real cowards, cause they send to death not only weak sheeps but also many good, strong and bright people. rulers are too weak to face the strong man. they kill them. they are rulers of the money, gold and earth, but not of the strong man's heart. they are losers and they know that. their lives and what they do dont have a meaning. cause u cant prove that oil, money or massive killing domination is the meaning and destination of someone's life. they lost already. so how much more good people will suffer?? a?

there is a good thing happening. slowly but strong. i see that there is kinda bigger movement now. more people sing about the bankers who take from people everything leaving them in lies. a lot of songs of criticism to religion, government. i hear those songs even in music training videos.
we all have to help ourselves. cause no government, church, school will help us. they only will **** us until we are on our knees and deluded.

so, since we have a forum here, lets ask a question:
to whom u r serving as a musician, songwriter, artist etc? a? isn't u who can help to stop the madness with your songs and rational mind?? do u serve for only money? or u could do much more while u r alive? a? how u will explain to your children?

i NEVER offend, i dont need it. i just ask. like darwin, einstein, dawkins, paine did or still do.
RIP, u bright people, u shining diamonds in a giant mud of human race. hopeless race. and my both kids will have to live in this world. sad sad sad.