Ibanez TS7, I understand this to be a TS9 with cheaper components.



Digitech bad monkey, New kid on the block


I'll be using it to tighten rather than boost my 5150.
Can anybody comment on tubescreamer and 5150's and wether they are worth they're price?

And which tubescreamer I should go for. I'm leaning towards the TS7 although being slightly expensive.
There's a mod that (from what I hear) makes a TS7 sound exactly like a TS808, and (again, so I've heard) it's pretty easy as far as pedal mods go. Just something to consider if you feel comfortable doing mods.
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I love my Bad Monkey. I can't give any opinion on the TS7. The Bad Monkey is just what I need to get the extra punch out of my amp.

EDIT: And I think I remember reading somewhere that the Bad Monkey uses the smae circuitry as a Tube Screamer.
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If you're just using it to tighten the amp up, the Bad Monkey does a good job of that.

IMO the TS7 isn't worth it at all. Besides, true Tubescreamer-type pedals with the mid-hump are better suited for thickening up your tone for a solo boost, whereas the Bad Monkey does a better job of clean boosting the amp.

The Monkey also has a bit more Level on tap so you can push harder with it in front.
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Thanks for replies I think i'll be looking into the Bad Monkey if it's more transparant as my V30's already have a mid spike so i'm really not looking for more mids.