Since I've been working in the studio a lot lately and I haven't played much guitar. However, this Christmas break I totally got back into it, and my Pod (nice but not quite the sound of my old Fender Deville) isn't doing it for me. Been doing some research looking and playing around. So far, the Vox Night train is looking like it might be the winner, the next step is to go play some amps and see which one is the winner. But as far how they look on pen and paper (and youtube) it seems that this might be the winner.

Any ideas what kind of speaker cabinet to get with it? I know they make one that you can get with it, but it seems to me that Vox tends to go for the clean side of things. This amp has some nice overdrive/crunch functions so I'm thinking of a speaker that might accent that a little more than the cleans, a little trade off sorta thing. Any ideas anyone?