Aberrated is a little project me (guitar) and my drummer friend here on Long Island have had for a while. We both go away to school so we only really work on stuff during the breaks and such, which keeps us from really going out and getting other members, playing out, etc. We've been rerecording some old stuff I wrote and working on new tracks too, and I think some people out there would like it, so here ya go!Influences include Cynic, Nevermore, Death, Steve Morse, Obscura, Necrophagist, stuff like that.

Click here to listen!

Note: Each song was recorded in a couple hours in a basement; my friend has pretty good sound recording stuff so (I think) its pretty good quality, but don't skewer me if there's a little bit of sloppiness here and there, I'm aware lol.
Yeah, sounds really good!

A bit like DT, which I hate but this is just very good!

As Zycho said, it's got a own thing going on!
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Thanks guys!

Lmao@DT comment. They piss me off too nowadays, but I like some of their stuff a lot, maybe it bled in a little to Aberrated. But hey, being compared to guys that talented is always a good thing! haha.