Hi, my name is Alex and I'm new to UG Forums!

I want to get started in learning electric guitar, and a friend of mine got me a Yamaha EG112 BL Electric Guitar Kit. I'm just wondering if he bought me a bad beginner guitar, since I have no experience in guitars whatsoever.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Welcome to UG

After a quick Google search, it looks pretty nice for a beginner's guitar.

This review says it is a great beginner's guitar.
It's not bad by any means. It's a pretty good starter guitar (you don't need anything fancy).

Just get yourself some ernie ball slinky strings and a decent dunlop jazz h3 plectrum and you'll be fine. A decent amp would be good for your tone but that's not really necessary.

The guitar is fine. Of course, pictures of the actual guitar would be better (it may be in bad condition) but, assuming it is brand new, it should be fine to use.
not bad at all my friend has the same electric and he says it was a great starter guitar.

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honestly since your just starting it won't really matter. No matter how good of a guitar you have when you start out, your still probably gonna kinda suck. I know i sure did and i'm pretty sure everyone did as well, so really its smarter to get a cheap guitar in the beginning to see if its something you really like, and you really won't notice the differences as much since your just starting. I've actually heard of yamaha having some good starter guitars so your probably in a good spot there

Good luck to you and welcome to UG bro