im looking for a bass head to power a markbass traveler 102p cab,
im looking at the ashdown mag 600r/h head, but reviews have suggested it could be too quiet, does anyone know if this head/cab combo would be loud enough to match an acoustic 200h and b410 stack, because this is what im replacing

im looking at spending no more than 600$ but im open to any suggestions and ill try them all out

any help would be much appreciated
random comments in no order:
a lot of carvins have issues with reliability, so I'd do some looking into that. I know the red line series does, at least.
I've got a GK 400RB right now, and it's more than loud enough for any gig i've ever played. should be in your price range too.
watts =/= volume. gwath42 has got a point.
I'd get something off the used market if i were getting it for me. an ampeg SVT-3 Pro used can go for $500-600 on a lucky day, and thats one hell of a step up from an acoustic head.
alright. i was talking about the markbass traveler because of its size, its alot more convenient to move around a 33 pound cab than a 110ish pound one.

ill look around at the SVTs i like alot of the tones some artists get

does anyone know about the orange tiny terror bass heads?