Here's some more techy stuff i wrote, except with my 7 string. C4C, of course, ill try to give the best advice as possible, of course if you do the same. haha.

(btw, the name/band name/album are a complete joke. :P )
Some Pretty awesome melodies in there man...

I really don't have any idea of what to change, it was perfect in its own right. Nothing repeated too much, didn't drag on, and I could really see an album worthy song.

I feel as if a second faster solo could take hold right after the first, experiment with it, but if you don't feel so, its perfect as is.

Gives me a bit of a Foul Body autopsy feel in places.
thanks alot man! it's also pretty playable to, something i can headbang to while playing. ahaha.
Overall, this wasn't really to my taste. So take this crit' with a pinch of salt.

Riff 0 open the song well, Riff one wasn't quite my cup of tea. The drums could use spicing up there aswell a bit, they're not really technical like the genre would lead you to expect. Riff 2 sounded really good, if not a it generic. Again, riffs 3 and 4 weren't to my taste. I only just reliased this song is missing a bass track, that would help it alot. Leads 1 and 2 were fine for the genre, I prefered Lead 2 though. Riff 5, again, sounded alright, just a bit generic. The whistles in bar 46 made me laugh, totally unexpected. Riff 6 again, not something I'm into.

Overall, its not something I would choose to listen to. But there are definantly people out there that like this kind of stuff. So keep it up
I deeply regret the 6661 in my username. Siiiigh. Damn you, 14 year old me, you edgy little bastard.
I'll give you a suggestion man for your next song, your sense of rhythm is okay, and you have a seemingly solid song structure, your riffs have a method of phrasing that's not bad; try taking a scale next time and working with that, like, harmonic minor sounds pretty nifty for tech death - it'll make it easier for you to get out some ideas without falling upon constant well, it seems like off notes or a switch in mood in a few notes and it makes the riffs sound disjointed often enough, as a whole it doesn't sound extremely coherent, melodically speaking.

A good example of this is riff 5... seems like you're switching scale and mood every measure and it just kills it to me.

Well, other than that the riff ideas are fine and the structure and phrasing is cool, just work on your melodic guidelines and it could sound pretty cool man. Also if you want some drumming done let me know, I could do something quick that would make this a lot more solid, certainly the beggining sounds rather weird on drums.
You should write stuff out on guitar rather than Gp5, cause it shows D: