Wasting away in this room
Doctors try to save me
Try to clean my lungs
Of the smoke that consumes

Got hooked at thirteen
I had weed and pills
I had coke and needles
And even methamphetamene

Now looking back
I wish it had never happened
All i have left is nostalgia
My whole life is a wreck

Now i lay in my bed
Wishing i had never tried
I need help for everything
Now i live the life i've dreaded

I pray to anyone that would listen
"If i can live
i promise I'll believe"
Believe in the God of my kin

In came a man
Dressed all in black
Pulled out a pill
I should have ran...

He told me "It'll take away the pain"
Remove your ill
It feels better
Even better than cocaine

Desperate for help
I took the pill
Waited for my friends to leave
Swallowed it whole
Waiting to feel relieved

And within minutes
It all went away...

No pain
No grief
No torment
But nothing like cocaine
I was cold, even under my covers
I knew it was all over
I cursed the old man
And prepared to die in vain
My drugs got in my head
They forced me into my bed
I allowed the old man to take advantage
Now i've learnt what the ultimate lesson is.


Death in a pill
Made me want
Want to be killed
the last four lines of your chorus are KILLER, but i felt that the verse was a little bit, eh... idk, it didnt seem to flow very well. but then again everything changes when you put it to music