Hi people,

Im sort of new to the guitar, so i was wondering about amps. I have a yamaha ga-15, 19watt amp currently. But I want to experiment with sounds my guitar can make, and for me this one is quite limiting.

Im not sure of a price range, It would be primarly for my bedroom.

Mostly into punkish bands however im open to alot. Bands i listen to are Arctic Monkeys, RHCP, Blink etc...

Not sure if that is useful but it gives you some sort of idea to the type of sound i would want to hear.

If there is any other information i can read up on about amps and all in all learning about the guitar scene, i would appreciate help

Thanks guiz
Fuck it.
Roland Cube
Roland Micro Cube
Peavey Vypyr
Vox Valvetronix

Check some of those out and see which you like, but a budget would be ALOT of help
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if you want amp info, then head over to the guitar gear and accesories forum. you'll get a hell of a lot more info there.
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