Earlier I was feeling in a real chill out mood and wanted to just block out everything and focus on some music, so I turned off the lights, closed my eyes and put on my Audio Technica headphones.

I absolutely LOVE doing this. You appreciate the music so much more and hear things you never would have before.

Anyways, how do YOU listen to music when you really want to focus on it and not have any distractions?
depends on my mood
depends if im trying to hear the notes for my singing purpous

ANd its better when you play it through a PA system. better bass, better highs and mids
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Like all the time, I'm usually thinking of something else though to be honest.
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I take listening to music as a separate activity. I sort of just sit and listen to it when I'm not doing anything else. Sometimes at home, sometimes on the bus.

I do listen to music on the computer sometimes, but hardly any of it goes in, probably cos there are too many distractions. I can't focus on anything else while listening to music, I can't focus on music while doing something else.
ipod through laptop, and if i want i isolate all the intument parts whilcy listening to the vocals
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I lay down on my bed at night with the T.v. at low volume. I then close my eyes and listen.

This, except replace "low volume" with "muted" or "off".
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Well I'm always listening to music, but my favorite way is listening in the car so I can sing along.

Also, in the dark is great.

both of these..

tbh I rarely listen music to purely listen to the music

I usually have music on whilst doing other things

I've discovered over the past few days, watching sports and listening to music is awesome! and feel incomplete playing xbox without music on..

and If I want to think about some shizz, I'll turn the tv off, lay back in my bed, crank some relaxing mellow music, close my eyes and just let the train of thought go.. Though sometimes this works better without music - the other week I just lay in bed thinking for about an hour throughout the day - was awesome!
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The best for me is right before bed. Put on the headphones and just lay down and listen.
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Favorite way is in the dark, at night, while I'm in bed and alone. Otherwise I enjoy it while I'm driving, either alone or with friends that will sing along.

Or drunk. It's easy to get into music when you're drunk.
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I'll just lock the door to my room and put on some vinyl and lay in bed and listen to it. Sometimes with some herbal accompaniment, usually not though. Then I relax until my room mate starts bitching about how she's trying to sleep. Good times.
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I usually sit down, play it on my CD player and read along with the lyrics booklet, but the last time I did that was with Crack the Skye by Mastodon.
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I go to work, put whatever I want to listen to on either the Quad 909 amp/99 CDP2 cd player with Quad 22L2 floor standers, some Roksan Kandy K2 amp/cd sets with matching bookstand speakers, or through Rotel RASO5SE and RASO6SE amp/cd player with B&W 465 bookstand speakers. Normally aren't that busy so I can pretty much put on whatever.

I love working at a hifi store. Take everything you appreciate from music quality from an mp3 player and half decent headphones, and multiply it by loads- that's what you get from a decent hifi system.