So right now i mic my amp into an M-audio fast track. I use EZdrummer for drum tracks and have just started really getting into recording so this question might sound stupid and obvious to some, but im still learning.

Basically i create my drum tracks in the software first, then i like to play the track while i record. This is the first time i'm using a mic for my amp. My old band used to make all the demos with a POD into a older multi track recorder and we always had the drummer lay down the drums first.

So what's the best way to listen to the drum track while i am playing? If i play it through my computer speakers the mic that i am using for the amp will pick up the drum track. If i plug in my headphones to my computer, now my ears are a bit muffled...but not wicked bad. I can still hear what i am playing through my amp and this is how i have been doing it. There has to be a better way to do this though? Thanks.
you need to monitor both the drum track and the input from the mic in your headphones. can't say exactly how to do that as i'm not sure what DAW you're using. basically, you want to hear what the mic is picking up in your headphones along with the drums.
yeah it depends on what DAW you are using, some will do that automatically as long as you hazve the output runing to your interface, and whatnot, some you have to select something, but it's usually not complicated.
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Ahh alright nice. Well i'm trying out a few different ones. I had Sony Acid for a while but i only messed around recording stuff through a Line 6 toneport into it and it never got father then that. I'm trying out Reaper but i'm having some compatibility issues getting ezdrummer to work with it. It keeps freezing up on me everytime i go to open ezdrummer with reaper. The other one i have is the Pro Tools M essentials that came with the M Audio fast track. I havent messed around with that one yet. Any idea if it's any good?
What they said. Read the manual to your DAW to figure out the audio routing and it should be fairly easy to set up. Good luck!
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Once i figure out how to listen to what im recording and the drum track through my DAW, will i have to do something about latency because i heard that can be a pain to deal with. I use my laptop but it should have plenty of power. I have a Intel 1.83 Core 2 duo and 4 gigs of ram. Only downside is i use Vista which sucks.
Latency is mostly due to your interface. Because you have a (somewhat) decent interface, you shouldn't have much latency (if any). It's when you record into your computer's line in (*puke*) that you get latency.
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P-Bass - Mustang Bass
Apogee Duet 2 - Ableton Suite
I like to wear 1 headphone when recording guitar - for purposes of metronome/drums etc... but I prefer to hear my amp as it sounds in the room. Generally I'll set up mics & check the sound beforehand, record the part a couple of times to make sure I'm happy with the sound, and then mute the guitar monitoring and hit the big red button.
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