I just graduated to my first 5 string! I'm so excited. Now that I have access to another string, what songs would be good to learn?
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This thread from a while back is full of bands that use 5-strings. Check it out.

Ah beat me to it!. That topic will be of help.

Personally I recommend two things. Try some Dream Theater, and make your own works up.
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Same here. One thing that I've been having fun with is transposing songs that are normally in Drop D or Drop C, and being able to play them on my 5 String(Tuned BEADG) by utilizing the B string.
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when ever I get my hands on a five string I like playing 4 string songs transposed for the five. Like insteadf of playing arpegios off of the 3 fret on the E I play them on the 8th fret of the B. Or I noodle around in the minor pentatonic
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Try "Phobophile" or "Slit Your Guts" by Cryptopsy. IIRC, they're in B standard tuning.
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