H guys, I have a Fender Hotrod. And I use is when my band practices and thats like twice a week. And I turn it to about 7. We play metalcore. I know its not really ment for it. And our vocalist goes through the secound output cause he has not amp. But my amp make this sound like its on reverb or something like all the time. And reverb is off. But I used my other friends amp it kinda sound like it but not as much. I have no idea what this could be but could you guys help me out and give me some ideas. My guitar is a epipi les paul standard. Runing through metal muff,isp noise reducer,boss,dd-3 delay. Please help!!!

My Gear:
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Peavey 6505+
Marshall Mg 15dfx
Boss dd-3
Korg PitchBlack
Isp Decimator

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