This guitar was my first guitar my uncle gave me about 15 years ago. I have tried selling it but have been unable to get what I want for it in trade. It is probably worth more to me because it has sentimental value. Since I have decided to keep it I was wondering if anybody knew if this is the original tremolo that came with these guitars? It sucks. If I'm going to keep it I want to make an upgrade to the tremolo or find the original as I have been told that it looks like it is not the original.
Hi Jess,

What exactly is the problem with the trem? Tuning problems? Return-to-tune problems (i.e., if you dive or pull up on it, and then release, the strings come back slightly sharp or flat)?

I'm not familiar with the Spectrum so unfortunately I can't tell you if the vibrato unit's original, but that is one damn fine-looking axe! I love the telecaster bass-style pickguard on an 80's shred machine look.

However, it looks like the trem has a Jackson logo on it. This is not surprising, and indeed could be evidence that the trem IS original, since Jackson/ Charvel used their own trems on pretty much their whole line, and they mostly used the same components between the two brands. While Jackson's Floyds are not Original Floyd Rose units, they are among the better of the licensed FR's out there. Many of them last for ages. I have a mid-90's Jackson Professional Randy Rhoads, and the Jackson-branded JT-580LP-model trem still works perfectly.

The thing to bear in mind is that a trem unit is a mechanical part of the guitar. As such, it is prone to wearing out over time (depending on how it's used, how well it's cared for, etc.). You say your uncle gave you the guitar 15 years ago; had he used it previously? Even if you received it new, a lot of wear and tear could have been put on it over 15 years, depending on your playing style. Sometimes trems, even the hallowed Schaller Floyd Roses (supposed to be the finest, most hard-wearing Floyds around) need to be replaced.

Have you tried setting up the trem? Are the knife edges worn? Check the Floyd Rose setup guide if you have questions, or take the guitar to a reliable independent luthier if you're not comfortable doing the setup yourself.

Regardless, if the trem's giving you grief and you can't get relief (ha), you should probably replace it. IIRC, the Original Floyd Rose will fit in a Jackson trem cavity with no additional routing required. Various online retailers, such as Warmoth or Allparts, carry them.

It sounds like you're pretty attached to the guitar, and that guitar is too hot to not be played regularly. Give 'er a tuneup, maybe replace the parts that need replacing, and I'm sure she'll play beautifully. Good luck!
Hey. Thanks for the response. I have had quite a few people say they like the looks of this guitar and if nothing else to just hang it on the wall.

I have never been really heavy on the trem so I don't think it is wore out. Not sure if it was bought brand new or not. The problem is that if I dump the bar that it always comes back flat. I had brought it in a few years ago and they set it up at a guitar store here. I really don't play it anymore. It sounds very thin. The pickups are active single coils and it has a wah circuitry in the tone knob. Maybe I would play it more if I switched to active EMG single coils. I would like it if it had a bit thicker sound to it. I normally play a Jackson DKMG w/EMGs or my Jackson DK2M w/Seymore Duncans.

This guitar may be a great collectors item some day and certain people already consider it a collectors item so I don't wanna mess with the originality of it too much but definitely want to hang on to it. It would be better if I actually liked playing it though.