Wasn't unable to find any existing threads so Pit riddle me this: Who epitomizes the role of James Bond for you?

For me, Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. Connery because the man was just all class and Brosnan because I grew up around the time his efforts came out thus holding them in a special place in my heart.

What do YOU think?
Sean Connery

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timothy dalton...... hahahaha no i lied. sean connery and pierce brosnan. oh I am very fond of the new fellow also.
Brosnan and poll needed, he's more badass than the others, Moore just pisses me off
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not hated
Pierce Brosnan is the ONLY bond i like.
Every other character doesn't seem right. But that's because i grew up with Brosnan

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agree with TS, Connery was the best but Brosnan was also pretty awesome...hate the new one tho
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It's good for the economy.

Brosnan was definitley awesome and a close second to Connery. but I'm a a fan of craig to.
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Well it is a mix of Connery but Goldeneye alone did it for me so Brosnan.
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Connery and Moore, hated Brosnan even though i really enjoyed Goldeneye.

Although Craig plays Bond more like how he is in the books, apparently, and i really enjoyed Casino Royale.

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Without having read the books I've become accustomed to Bond as he has been played by actors and so I've always felt that while Daniel Craig is a decent actor, his movies are good action films as opposed to good bond movies.

Favourite movies anyone?
i grew up with Pierce Brosnan, but his constant use of puns and witty comments made me vomit.

i loved Daniel Craig in the new movies, he finally took the cheese out of James Bond and made him more of a bad ass.
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