Hello. My band is just forming now. We play old school heavy metal, like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Saxon, Slayer, etc. and also some hard rock, like Van Halen, Rush, Led Zeppelin, etc. I am the lead guitarist, but can also play bass well. The problem is that I can't play both when we're practicing or live! So hopefully someone would like to join.

I am located in Everett, MA, and am 15 years old. The other members of the band are 16 and 17.

Your playing level needs to be intermediate, because that's pretty much were the whole bands is at, and you need to own your own bass and amp (because I don't have one

You should be able to play using your fingers, but if you are really good with a pick, I won't care, be able to gallop (like Steve Harris), and be able to just play on tempo, you know all the usual stuff lol.

So let me know if you're interested! Thank you.
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Hopefully more to come :P