Hey there people. I got me a heavily modified squier strat. New d neck with like 10' radius. i run .13s. currently have a crap ss amp. fender. its actually decent for solid state, good cleans, but od is too muddy i always have to toss in a treble boost with my crybaby and that just isnt doing it for me anymore. so im getting a tube amp soon, music man or fender. i found good deals at a local pawn shop that has a totally mint condition music man 65 watt (with attenuator) down to like 32 then like 15 or something. its all tube i believe, the guy was telling me the guy who brought it in stuck some nice jj's in it, and everything else is original. only 500. I'll have me a TS or something of that nature to run it with.

But back to the point im running a solid state fender frontman 100 dsp with a crybaby. i play blues, hard overdriven style. hence my thick, thick strings. ill branch into the rock section cuz i am also an acdc/pink floyd freak. but besides that im a blues man. like one van halen song.

ive been looking into a lot of pickups, and as you would expect a guy like me to do, my sights are set on texas specials. stereotypical i know. CS 69's are the same price and i am seriously considering those to. but if you guys have any suggestions to other pickups of similar quality or anything? price range of about to 150. us dollars. thanks. i like that hard overdriven sound. extremely dirty like srv's drivin south.

I'm Drivin South

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get a new amp first then decide if you still need the pickups

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.